Riders info letter

Hello CNP 100 Riders,


Thank you for joining us for the Crowsnest Pass 50 and Crowsnest Pass 100 on August 7th, we’re very excited to host you all. We’ve compiled some important event information here for you to help you prep for race day.


It is vital you take the time to read and understand the details below. The course is very challenging and we want all riders to be well prepared.


Waiver & Locations

Sign Your Waiver Now - Waiver Link

Camping area - Pass Powderkeg Lodge

Rider check-in - Pass Powderkeg Lodge

Startline - Crowsnest Pass Bike Skills Park

Finish line & venue - Pass Powderkeg Lodge

Day Parking - Crowsnest Pass Bike Skills Park

Course Map - Course Map

Note: The course map start and finish points are for lap 2.

The first lap will start at the bottom of the ski hill road.


Friday, August 6th

Rider & Camp check-in from 4 pm-8 pm at Pass Powderkeg Lodge


Bag drop

While you sign in please also drop off your rest stop bags. We will have two bag drop locations one at the rest point 25km out on the course and one at the finish line for 100km riders. Please prepare 2 bags for 100km riders and 1 bag for 50km riders with your race nutrition and other items you want at rest areas. We will stock rests with emergency nutrition & lots of freshwaters.

100km Riders: Note you will pass your bag drop out on the course twice so keep this in mind while packing this bag. Mark your bags one as 'Finish line' the other as 'Rest #1'


Saturday, August 7th

Same day sign-in 6 am - 6:30 am (Full sign in and bag drop available)

7 am - race start (for both 50 and 100-kilometre racers) at the bottom of the ski hill road at the Crowsnest Pass Bike Skill Park.

Note: Please line up with your race finishing time in mind.

If you’re racing hard, please line up near the front of the line. Racers that are out for the challenge, please line up towards the rear. Your time will not be affected by your position in the line, your time starts when you cross the start line mat for chip timing. 

Arriving at least 15 minutes before race time to line up and hear the race announcements.


The Course

The racecourse is a 50-kilometre loop. A rest stop will be available at the bottom of york with a fork at the bridge over the creek at 25km, where your drop-bag and water will be available to you. 50 and 100 km racers will have the ability to send a drop bag out to this aid station. The aid station will not be heavily stocked, so please plan accordingly and make sure you have your race essentials in your bag drop. We will have basics such as some simple calories, water and tools. 100-kilometre racers will use the Pass Powderkeg Lodge area as their 2nd rest stop.

  • Sartoris Climb - Wide open views up this gravel grind.

  • Shortly after you reach the summit of Sartoris you will hairpin right down a loose and rocky descent.

  • York with a fork, single track leading to an overgrown descent with tight corners.

  • The bag drop rest area is at the bottom of York with a fork on the creek.

  • After the rest prepare for a technical, steep and challenging climb to the summit of Big Bear.

  • WARNING CLIFF, The descent of Big Bear begins with a series of cliffs and drops. Use extreme caution and if the terrain is above your skill level please walk this section. The remaining descent eases up with ride arounds for most features.

  • Make sure to cross the checkpoint for your GPS tracker located in the super trooper connector area. This will be clearly marked.

  • Climb york creek road to the Powder Keg ski hill connector.

  • Ride up Buck 50, watch out for down traffic.

  • Descend Spare change to Berma-Grinn both technically challenging with features. Ride around and/or walk sections if necessary.

Course Map - Course Map

Note: Please use this map link above, there are other courses on TrailForks that are similar that should not be used.


Cut off

50km: There is no cut-off for 50km riders, our sweep rider will pass the course twice with a satellite phone.

100km: All 100km riders must leave the venue for their 2nd lap before 12:30 pm (5.5 hours), no rider will be allowed to go out for a 2nd lap after 12:30 pm. our sweep rider will pass the course twice with a satellite phone.



50 & 100km riders: Riders must pass over the checkpoints so your GPS tracker scans through. The start/finish line must be passed over for each lap and there will be one other checkpoint around 30-40km marked out on the course in the super trooper connector area.


Course marking

The course will be marked with a mix of white & red arrow signs, large white plastic signs around the start-finish and on roads, and yellow caution tape where we are unable to drive in staked signs. We strongly recommend having the course downloaded onto your phone with Trail Forks, and a battery backup.


Emergency bailout

If you find yourself out on the course and you're having difficulty continuing; head to the nearest rest stop equipped with a satellite phone or road where you can flag down motorists for help if necessary. If you’re able to keep moving come back to the venue to check in with us. We will have a rider with a satellite phone sweeping the course so if you need help please stay on course as this will be easier to find you. Communicate with other riders so they can relay your situation.

There are several ways back to town and the venue on other trails, if you go off course we will not be able to find you easily, so move with caution and take responsibility for your own safety. Please always check in with us and drop your chip off so we know you're safe and don't send out a search party.


Other Important Stuff

This is a challenging course, please come prepared to take care of yourself out there!

  • Please allow faster racers (going uphill or down) the opportunity to pass you, whenever it’s safe and sensible to do so.

  • The area trails are not closed to other users for this event. Racers are expected to be considerate and to follow trail etiquette at all times. 

  • Helmets are mandatory for all racers.

  • Take care of the environment and the amazing trails; any racers littering will be banned from future events.

  • There is always a chance of wildlife interactions. Carry bear spray, and know how to use it.

  • Prepare for the elements, weather can change quickly in the mountains, and you can be a long way from town at certain points on the course.

  • Many of the trails in the area are built or maintained by the United Riders of Crowsnest (UROC, http://www.uroc.ca/). If you love the trails as much as we do, please consider supporting UROC to continue their amazing work with either a donation or by purchasing a membership. A portion of every entry to this race is donated to UROC. 

  • Although most COVID restrictions have been lifted in Alberta, our planning has had restrictions in mind for months. In the interest of caution, we won’t be having a post-race meal or beer garden this year. We encourage riders and campers to bring their own food and beverages and keep social distancing in mind. We’re looking forward to bringing that back in 2022.

What is new in 2021?

A new 50k loop course with more singletrack & difficult terrain.

50km, 100km, OR 100km team options.

  • Volunteers

To keep our riders safe and taken care of, we need an awesome team of volunteers! Please click on (or share!) the link below if you’re interested in joining the volunteer team. Volunteer opportunities and duties are explained by clicking on the Signup link.



  • Camping at the Finish Line

  • Camping Check-in is on Friday, from 12pm - 8pm

  • One RV/trailer/van or tent/site (other accompanying vehicles must be kept in general parking area)

  • A maximum of 8 persons/site (max. 4 adults (16 years of age or older) + 4 children) **Must Social distance from other households.

  • Please pre-purchase your camping spot in advance online, as there are limited spots available. Once you arrive on site, please check in with Camp Host, and you will be directed to your site.

  • Generator use is permitted between the hours of 8 am – 12 pm and 6pm-8pm only

  • Quiet hours: 10 pm - 7 am

  • Pets allowed, but must be kept on leash & please clean up after your pet.

  • Checkout: Sunday @ 12 pm (Please leave your site as you found it, and take your garbage with you.)

  • Potable water is available at the south-east side of the Lodge

  • Bike wash is located at the side of the lodge

  • Outdoor toilets (porto potties) are available 24 hours/day

  • Indoor washrooms are available when the Lodge is open



Not permitted:

- Fire pits/campfires/wood and charcoal fuelled fires or appliances.
** Propane fuelled appliances are acceptable.


  • Trail Course Map

'Trail Forks' link is available below. The course consists of DIFFICULT TERRAIN (trails, elevation and distance). Using the course link below you can see all trails and their difficulty ratings. The course ranges from green to black diamond trails. There are some sections that may represent a hike a bike situation for some riders.

More course details can be found by reviewing the map and difficulty ratings on trail forks.


2021 Map link


The rest stop/bag drop will be clearly seen on the trail.

  • Schedule


Friday sign-in is located at the Finish line/ Powder Keg Lodge

: Friday 4pm-8pm (rider check-in, Chip time registration, etc.).

See 'Sign-in' section below for further details.


Saturday sign-in is located at the Start line

The start line is located at the bottom of the ski hill road.
6:00-6:30 am: Late Sign-In (rider check in, Chip time registration, etc.). See sign-in sectionbelow for further details.


6:45 am: All Racers must be at the Start Line. See 'Start Line' on this page for more info. Please line up based on your expected finishing time.

If your racing to be a top contender please line up at the front, If your riding for the challenge please line up toward the rear of the group.
6:45 am: Race Director Announcements (important race details, etc).

7:00 am: RACE START


12:00 am: Finish line #1 CUT OFF

For 100km riders, you must leave the Ski Lodge area for your second lap before 12:30 to make the cut-off and be granted the ok to start your second lap.

6:00 pm: RACE FINISH


11 Hour CUT OFF:

Racers can continue beyond the 11-hour cut-off, however, racers will not be official ‘race finishers’ beyond this time cut off.

6:00 pm: Race Awards.

No Link
  • Protection & Personal Gear


Helmets are MANDATORY for ALL riders

Bear spray is also mandatory



All riders are recommended to have the following gear:

  • Gloves & Eye protection

  • PPE recommended for COVID-19 response while signing up or in lines

  • Sunscreen up at the start of the day!

  • Charged cell phone, as you can use TrailForks to stay on route

  • Sun protective clothing

  • Small tools

  • Extra tube(s)

  • Water purification tabs

  • Snacks

  • Water


Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 1.32.32 PM.png
No link
  • Race Rules

Read below for important event-specific information:

  • Keep social distancing at top of mind!

  • Helmets are MANDATORY for ALL Racers. Helmets must be worn at all times while on the course

  • MANDATORY - Social Distance at all times.

  • ALL RACER must pick up timing chip and plate and drop off the bag they wish to be dropped out on the course during sign-in

  • All riders must attend the 'Race Briefing' before the start of the race

  • No bikes with dropped bars - this is a Mountain Bike Race

  • Stay on marked trails and use bridges over the creeks. Dismount if necessary



  • Sign-in

 Sign-in will take place at the PowderKeg Ski area parking lot on

Friday from 4pm-8pm.

Last-Minute sign-in will take place on Saturday from 6am-6:30am - at the Start line.


You will receive the following for the ride:


  • Race Chip

  • Race plate for your bike or jersey

  • Necessary race info

  • Other race items

  • Bag Drop (small bag with items you would like on the course)Please have your 'bag drop' bag ready at Sign-In. This bag can contain extra gear, clothing, snacks and more. Please make sure the bag is no larger than ~10L. 

** We charge $75/chip for lost  chips. Please attach your chip to you in a safe location.

  • Contact Us


Direct contact info for the race staff & event organizers will be provided in an email sent out the week of the race, with other safety briefing details. For now, please contact us via the 'Contact Form'.